vintage-ford-1209620_1920The old saying “opposites attract” is absolutely true but can these two opposites have a long lasting relationship? When I am talking about ‘opposites’ I do not mean you have some differences and also share some common things. I mean down right opposite. One is educated and the other is not. One may be financially stable and the other is completely in debt. One may live a simple life in the country and the other enjoys the cultures and available opportunities of the city life. These two can see something in the other that is magical and so different that initially, the magnetic attraction is undeniable and sustainable in that moment.

Being complete opposites can be both good and bad. You may have crazy chemistry with someone different from you as you crave that part of them you do not have. The unknown and something completely new to you can be very attractive and create a fiery chemistry between you both. A city girl, for example, may find peace and good ole’ southern comfort in a backwoods country boy. The city girl sees it as refreshing having a more traditional relationship with this southern gentleman. The backwoods country boy treats her like a fairy tale princess. The country boy may find the city girl interesting and exciting as she is not like anyone he has ever known before.