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Memories…A Love Story – Until Death Do Us Part

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memories1By: Charles Laws

I had spoken to her several times in church but did not know her very well. I noticed a sparkle in her blue eyes every time we greeted one another. At the time I was teaching the Senior Adult Sunday School class she was also attending. I had thought about asking her for a date, but felt a bit awkward about it, due to the fact that I was her teacher. I had planned an outing for the class to go to a restaurant called Memories in Etowah, a small town about a half-hour drive away. Ah, I had a plan! I called everyone in the class to see how many were interested in going and when I called her I discretely asked her to be my guest, in other words, I asked her for a date!

When we got on the bus we sat down together, and it was as if we had known each other much longer. The restaurant was very nice with lighting that created an ambiance all around us. When we got back to the church each of us got back in our cars to go home and I told her that I enjoyed being with her, and she did likewise. As we left I watched her drive away in her black Ford and I missed her already. I told myself that it couldn’t be, not that fast. I was falling in love with her! Little did I know it, but she was falling in love with me as well.

Georgia Peach Fashion Week ‘Innocence of Beauty’ – Eradicating Domestic Abuse

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Georgia peach Fashion Week together with Twin of a Kind Foundation present to you ‘Innocence of Beauty’ on Friday, April 8, 2016. This will be an exciting and empowering evening dedicated to all of the survivors of domestic violence. GPFW ‘Innocence of Beauty’ will honor Alma G. Davis Foundation in her mission to eradicate domestic abuse globally while informing the public about this serious issue and its effects. Through a support system that offers education and resources to empower these survivors they are given a chance to achieve economic and self-sufficiency.