Georgia Peach Fashion Week ‘Building Fashion Forward’

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CEO and Co-Founders Kenyon and Desiree Glover are excited to bring to you this spring 2016 the highly anticipated premier event and the second season of Georgia Peach Fashion Week. GPFW will not disappoint as you celebrate five evenings of ‘Building Fashion Forward.’ Beautiful presentations of up and coming fall/winter 2016 collections will be showcased by top designers and on display by top fashion models.

The fish don’t mind being wet…Why should we?!

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Last summer I vacationed in the quaint beach town of Emerald Isle, North Carolina. I was escaping the big city to relax in the sun and do some much-needed writing.

One early evening I decided to venture out onto Bogue Inlet fishing pier. I wanted to photograph and capture mother nature as she was putting on one of the most spectacular lightning shows I had ever seen! I fully expected to be one of the very few people crazy enough to be venturing out onto this long pier which also displayed many tall metal lamp posts. Nothing dangerous about this!

Breaking Old Rhythms, By: Amena Brown

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Answering the Call of a Creative God

Answering the Call of a Creative God

Breaking Old Rhythms written by Amena Brown will inspire you to keep moving and dancing to your own personal rhythm of life. Dan Kimball could not have expressed it better, “Amena fuses God’s truth with the reality of the rhythms of Life.” I was blessed to meet and speak with Amena a couple of years ago in Fairfax, Virginia and see her amazing performance. If you are looking to be truly inspired and encouraged spiritually to the depths of your soul, then I highly recommend you read this book.  Besides being an Author, Amena is a poet, speaker and event host from Atlanta, Georgia. You can find her at


Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

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You may have heard this phrase, as have I and so many times, especially from men. ‘Nice guys finish last.’ Who came up with this phrase/excuse so loosely used today?

“Nice guys finish last” was first attributed to the legendary baseball player and manager of the Dodgers, Leo Durocher on July 6, 1946. Although there has been a debate about his exact words and others involved during that baseball practice between the first place Dodgers and 7th (last) place New York Giants. this is where the phrase was born. ‘Leo the Lip’ Durocher was dissing the Giants about all the guys on the team being nice and in 7th place. Leo boasted he himself is not a nice guy and his team was in first place. From this point on the phrase has grown legs and like rumors took on a whole other meaning having nothing to do with sports.