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“A Wife’s Secret to Happiness” By Jen Weaver | Book Review | Giveaway

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A Wife’s Secret to Happiness” By Jen Weaver 

Book Review | Giveaway

Reading this book, I felt Jen easing me gently into ‘submission’ in the first chapter as she was obviously preparing me for the real discussion to come of the ‘S’ word in the following chapters. Being a strong, independent woman and activist for equality, I cannot lie, I struggled personally through each chapter. Like a toddler, kicking and screaming while she is being dragged by the arm to a scary place she did not want to go. Yet, I persisted, and I continued reading and kept an open mind. After a while, I realized it was not so scary after all. Many times it is the unknown or relinquishing control over our lives to another that causes this fear to be born within us.


The author explains how submitting to your husband to lead is trusting and living in your faith in God as He called you into “marital submission.”

By accepting her role as an equal yet submissive partner, she no longer vies for his position—a decision that makes room for her husband to learn to lead and love her as Christ designed. As a wife learns to recognize and align with leadership in her marriage, the fruit of her spousal partnership blesses many other areas of her life—including her career and ministry—increasing her authority.

Life is hard, marriage is hard, as are all types of relationships we enter into. Every marriage is different and has their own issues. I thoughtfully reflected on the purpose, challenges, and blessings in the author’s secrets to a healthy and happy marriage. I quickly realized this is a wifestyle for your lifestyle that when applied can change your direction when you feel lost and guide you on a smoother journey full of blessings.

Breaking Old Rhythms, By: Amena Brown

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Answering the Call of a Creative God

Answering the Call of a Creative God

Breaking Old Rhythms written by Amena Brown will inspire you to keep moving and dancing to your own personal rhythm of life. Dan Kimball could not have expressed it better, “Amena fuses God’s truth with the reality of the rhythms of Life.” I was blessed to meet and speak with Amena a couple of years ago in Fairfax, Virginia and see her amazing performance. If you are looking to be truly inspired and encouraged spiritually to the depths of your soul, then I highly recommend you read this book.  Besides being an Author, Amena is a poet, speaker and event host from Atlanta, Georgia. You can find her at